why does fondant sweat por que suda el fondant

Why does fondant sweat?

If you live in a place with a humid climate or your hands are very hot, you are probably wondering why does fondant sweat.

Fondant has a consistency that depends largely on the heat it receives. So depending on the season of the year in which we find ourselves, it will be more difficult to work on it.

Sometimes it is almost impossible to work the fondant when it sweats. Touching it is risking spoiling the work, but then how do we work with fondant? And the most important,

Why does fondant sweat?

Generally, the climate that gives us the most trouble is summer, and it is due to the heat and humidity.

When we work with fondant it is very important to take into account the temperature:
✔Ambient temperature,
✔Cake temperature
✔ And temperature of our hands.

Let’s see what to do if our hands are very hot or if we live in a humid climate:

why does fondant sweat por que suda el fondant

✔ If you are in a very humid place, it is best to look for the coolest hours of the day to work, as well as the coolest place. For example, if at night or early in the morning, the temperature is 5 degrees lower, that is the time to work on it.

✔ If you have very hot hands or fondant heats up very quickly on your hands, you can wash your hands with cold water to lower the temperature. Or you can work with a damp cloth nearby, and constantly refresh them. It should be moist but not wet.

✔ You can use air conditioning, but remember that it will speed up the drying and may not be in your best interest. Another option is to use a fan, which dries it, but not as quickly.

✔Using cmc or modeling paste can help the figures dry faster and not melt. Read more here about how to dry fondant figures fast.
✔A dehumidifier can also help you remove moisture from the environment. Here I tell you more about this device and how it works.
✔It is advisable to work on dummies or bags of cornstarch in order to touch the piece as little as possible, thus avoiding giving it more heat than it does.

It is likely to get your hands sticked to fondant in high temperatures. Here you can see how to prevent it from doing so.

I hope these tips have been useful to you and that you understand why fondant sweats and how you can remedy it.

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