work fondant with cold hands trabajar fondant con manos frias

Work fondant with cold hands

work fondant with cold hands trabajar fondant con manos frias

If you want some tips for working fondant with cold hands you have come to the right place, because I also have cold hands in winter!

As you may have already noticed, the more heat we add tofondant, the softer it will get. If by chance, you are one of those people whose hands are very cold, especially in winter, it may be difficult for you, as it was for me, to soften it.

It is quite normal. What we must achieve is to change the temperature of our hands.

2 tricks to work fondant with cold hands:

✨Trick 1: put it in the microwave, just 5 seconds, to give us a little help. Do not abuse, or it will dry out. This trick is the most common and in my opinion perhaps the least we should use.

The microwave modifies the humidity, and therefore, the elasticity and consistency of our fondant. So use it as a last resort.

✨Trick 2: (the one you should try from the beginning) warm your hands on a radiator or with a cloth dipped in hot water. That heat will pass into your hands, and from your hands to  fondant.


Try rubbing them, clapping your hands, hitting your legs, whatever helps you warm up faster and avoid the microwave!


If this second trick doesn’t work for you, then yes, you can try using the microwave. But remember that you will be altering the properties of your sugar paste and that you will be shortening its life.


In this article I talk to you about how to recover hard or dry fondant, but I also tell you what happens when we put it in the microwave.

I hope these tips for working fondant with cold hands have been useful to you. If you have any questions or tricks, do not hesitate to contact me and write me a comment in the section you see below.

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