Sticky fondant

Do you identify yourself saying any of these?

  • “Sticky fondant, what do I do?”
  • “Fondant is sticky”
  • “Sugar paste is sweaty”
  • “Itsticks to my hands”

But why does fondant get sticky?

There are two main reasons why it stays sticky.

The first is that it is hot. If you are in a climate with high temperatures or you are a person who tends to have very hot hands, this heat is transmitted to your sugar paste.

On the other hand, we find humidity. Perhaps, you live in a place with a large amount of humidity and this affects our fondant.

But do not despair, I bring you how to stop fondant from sticking to your hands.

How to work fondant so that it does not stick?​
  • Colour fondant and let it rest before using it. When we colour fondant we add moisture  and heat with our hands. So it is better to let it rest for a period of time.

  • Cool your hands with a damp cloth to lower the temperature of your hands: if it is very hot or your hands are very hot, you can moisten your hands without getting them wet. You want to lower the temperature, if you wet them, fondant will get sticky.

Other tips that can help work sticky fondant are:

  • Work in the coldest hours and in the coldest and driest place to avoid sticky fondant in summer or in humid climates.
  • You can also sprinkle cornstarch over your hands and on the table to prevent it from sticking.
  • Another option is to use icing sugar. Try not to abuse, since it also dries it out if you overdo it.
  • If you live in a very humid climate, another more expensive option is to use a deshumidifier. It will absorb the humidity from the environment and will make the pieces dry faster.

Remember: fondant softens with heat and humidity, so you should look for the opposites, that is, cold and dryness.

How to fix sticky fondant

  • You can use CMC or tylo powder to dry  fondant quicklier. Here you have a post where I tell you how to use it. Modelling paste is also a good option as it dries in less time.

  • If you don’t have cmc or tylo powder, you can use some cornstarch or icing sugar, that is, knead it with fondant, but avoid using too much or it will dry too quickly. It is best to work with small pinches.

  • A fan will also help to be in a cooler environment.

Still, if none of these options work, which it does sometimes, it’s best to put that piece aside and start over.

cmc o tylo powder: para que sirve Cmc or tylo powder: what is it for?

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