Can you eat fondant with cmc? ¿puedo come fondant con cmc?

Can you eat fondant with cmc?

Can you eat fondant with cmc? ¿puedo come fondant con cmc?

Perhaps you have never thought about it, but I ask you: can you eat fondant with cmc?

Many times we use cmc on our fondant to get it to dry faster. In this way we achieve that the figures are not deformed, and we save some time making them. Read here how to use the cmc or how to dry fondant figures quickly.

Before answering: can you eat fondant with cmc, let me explain you something.

Fondant is a sugar paste that has moisture inside. That moisture is what makes it moldable and soft. When we add cmc, we get it to absorb moisture quickly and harden.

So the figures or decorations will be hard. So can you eat decorations with cmc? Yes, yes you can. It is a food product that is added to an edible product (fondant).

But as I told you before, what the cmc does is absorb moisture and make the fondant harden. So the fondant decoration or figure will be hard. This will make it quite difficult to eat.


If the cake is for a client, it is advisable that you always notify him of some factors that he must take into account, such as: if the figures have sharp elements inside (skewers or toothpicks), if the cake should be refrigerated and how to store it.


And from my point of view, I would add that you can eat the figure, but that it will be hard, so it is possible to hurt your teeth or molars. I have never tried to bite it, but I suppose it will resemble those sugar figures that are sold ready-made and that are usually used in some more classic or traditional cakes.


I hope this post has been useful to you and you already know if you can eat fondant with cmc and what you should recommend to your client at the time of delivery.

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