How long does fondant last?

If you are starting to work with sugar paste, and you have questions such as: how long does fondant last, you are in the right place.

Depending on what type of fondant you are using, it will have one durability or another. What should we consider? Whether it is bought or homemade. This will make a big difference.

How long does purchased fondant last?

This product, like many others, has a large number of ingredients, including preservatives, in order to prolong its life. It is convenient to look at the best before date that appears on the packaging to know how long it lasts. Depending on the manufacturer you can have one or the other. So make sure before buying it to look at it. Generally, it is usually one or two years.
If it is close to the date, I recommend you to look at this post where I talk about whether we can use the expired fondant or not.

How long it lasts once opened

If it is purchased, be careful when keeping it, as this will make it last more or less time. In general terms, it can last a few months, although it will lose moisture and become hard. Here is a post where I talk about its conservation: how to store fondant

And homemade fondant?

Generally, homemade sugar paste does not contain preservatives, so its durability will be much shorter than the manufactured one. In this case, it is important to choose a good recipe. Here is mine. And above all, it is important that the recipe tells you how long it lasts to know when it expires.

Other aspects

Depending on the climate you are in, your fondant may be affected. That is, if you live in a very dry climate as is my case. In Madrid during the summer, the temperature is so high that by itself it hardens immediately, a portion or in its entirety. It does not mean that it has expired, but it is true that it makes its duration much shorter.

I hope all these tips have been useful to you, and if you have any questions you can let me know in the comments.

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