fondant doneky topper course

How to dry fondant toppers

Today: how to harden fondant toppers quickly and without dying in the attempt


There are different ways to dry the fondant toppers in a short time, depending on the climate you are in and the type of fondant you use, they will take more or less time, so it is not an exact science.

Let’s see the different options:

fondant doneky topper course

1st Use modeling paste. It dries earlier due to its composition, it also makes the shapes stay much better and faster. Of course, it is a more expensive option if you are starting, and requires greater ease when working.

2nd CMC: it is a product to harden fondant. When we combine it with the fondant and knead correctly, we get it to change its consistency and to dry and hold the shape much faster. It will resemble modelling paste. Here you can read more about what cmc is and how to use it.

3rd If you want to harden fondant without cmc, you can use the cornstarch as an alternative in the same way as the cmc. By mixing it, we will get it to absorb the moisture it has and will make it dry sooner. But personally, it is not the best option.

4th Fan: this option is great for summer. Place your figure in front of the fan and leave it for hours. You will get to dry pieces sooner, as it is receiving much more air. It will lose moisture.

5th Dehumidifier. Undoubtedly, a very good option, especially if you live in a very humid climate. It is an electrical device that absorbs humidity from the environment, so it will also affect our fondant figures and will make them harden sooner. Here you can read more about it.

If you ask me about my favorite one, I will tell you I like to use cmc and a dehumidifier, they are a perfect combination, which make the figures dry earlier and faster. Hope you can choose easily how to dry your fondant toppers quickly.

You can also check some of these ideas on this video

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