Can I keep fondant in the fridge?

If you have just started working with fondant, surely you have many doubts such as: can I keep fondant in the fridge?

Today we are going to solve it and see if it is possible or not.


The first question to ask yourself is what fondant you are using. It can be homemade or purchased.


And it is an important difference, since the purchased contains more ingredients that help to preserve it. On the other hand, the homemade one does not contain all those preservatives.

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How to keep purchased fondant

If your fondant is purchased, my recommendation is that you do not put it in the fridge, since it is not necessary.


It will get hard and it will be difficult to use it later, if not impossible.


If you want to know how to preserve fondant, here is a link where I tell you some tips on how to do it and I recommend you to read it.

However, if you use homemade fondant,it is different. Why?


Simple, it will depend on the recipe you are using, as well as its ingredients. You can see my fondant recipe here.

But then, can I keep fondant in the fridge?

Depending on its ingredients and the person who makes it, they will recommend putting it in the fridge or not: some sugar pastes require it because they are made out of egg white.

Others, on the other hand, are pure sugar: marshmallows and icing sugar. Therefore, they do not require the same treatment.

It is recommended that you always choose a recipe that specifies what you should do with it so as not to be surprised. Hope you find useful these tips and if you have any doubt, let me know in comments.

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