How to stick fondant

What to use to stick fondant? Depending on the situation we will use one or the other option. Let’s see the options:

If it is sticky, we can stick fondant without glue. That is, simply by lightly pressing the fondant onto the fondant.
If it’s not sticky, stick fondant with water or edible glue.

Let’s go with the situations:

Fondant on fondant:

we can use water or glue. Even sometimes, if fondant is sticky, we do not need to apply anything. But I always recommend applying a little bit. Here’s how to avoid sticky fondant.

Stick fondant figures:

you can use both options too. But always in small quantities, so that the pieces do not slip. Here’s how to make edible glue with cmc.

How to stick fondant decorations:

It will depend on the type of cake. If it is a fondant cake you can stick it with water or edible glue. But if it is about sticking fondant on buttercream, the matter is more complicated since we cannot use glue or water. 

If it is a figure, simply insert the skewer into the cake and that’s it. If it is in a side, you can also help yourself with a toothpick or skewer, depending on the size or let the cream soften a little to stick it. But be careful, if the cream is very soft or if it loses a lot of heat, fondant will be soft and it may fade out the colours and stain the buttercream.

Fondant in cookies:

The options are the same. But I have to say, the result is better with edible glue. It adheres better to the texture of the cookie. It is very important that it sticks well, if not, it will come off at the edges.

How to apply it?

It is best to do it with a soft, and finite brush in order to be able to handle it better. Take some glue, clean the excess, and apply it to the part that you are going to stick. It is always better to apply a little extra than to overdo it, because we can put more and then it will not stick. It will drain. Also, water and glue will stain! So be very careful.

I hope it has been useful to you and if you have any questions, write me a comment below!

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