Learn to make fondant toppers from scratch!

Saving time and effort

Finding the perfect tutorial on YouTube, where all the steps are explained, is an impossible task.

And when you find it, it’s in Russian and you understand not a single word.


One eye higher than the other.

The left arm larger than the right.

Bodies deformed by the weight.

And now… who helps you with your doubts?

In the end, you waste hours and hours searching and trying tutorials.


You continue with the figure incomplete and no results.

What if I told you that I teach you to solve those problems?

With this tutorial you will learn what is necessary to start making fondant figures from scratch. Saving time and effort.

Just by following the videos and using the template as a guide you will see how easy it is to get results.

Why my tutorial can help you?

Because for more than 3 years I have seen how my students get results with my tricks and techniques, even if they have no experience.


I’m Bea, I’m specialized in fondant figures and I want to teach you everything I know about fondant figures.


Access this tutorial and see for yourself how easy and fast you can make your fondant figures from scratch.

Using this tutorial you get:

  • Make simple animals from scratch.
  • How to make proportionate figures.
  • Figures do not sink or deform due to the weight.
  • Learn several of my tricks and techniques.