5 mistakes when modelling fondant toppers

After a few years of modeling and making mistakes, you learn to avoid or solve them. Today I bring you 5 mistakes when modelling fondant toppers so you can avoid them as soon as possible!

But let’s stop talking about it and let’s get down to what you’ve come to.

1. Not being patient. Modeling is a task that requires many hours, especially in the beginning. For this reason, I recommend you to take your time and do not get overwhelmed. Sometimes a figure can take 4 hours or more. Don’t be in a hurry and enjoy the process. Here you can read about how to dry fondant figures fast.

2. Try to save fondant. Sometimes due to a rush, laziness, or lack of material, we use fondant that is not freshly opened or made. And it is not always the best option, it may be dry. That is, it has lost part of its properties. That is why I recommend you to check the old fondant well before using it and throw it away if necessary. Dried fondant does not have the same finish or shape the same as fresh fondant. Remember it before you work.

You can watch a short version here

3. Fingerprints. It is normal at the beginning that our figures are full of fingerprints, but do not worry, little by little and with practice you will be able to avoid them. It is about touching as little as possible, and always doing it with delicacy. In fact, we can use our fingers to remove them. If you manage to avoid them, you will gain in quality.

4. Not using skewers well. I often keep seeing figures falling or wobbling on their cakes. The fault is in not using skewers that go from the lowest part of the cake to the figure. Try to use them, you will notice how the figure is much safer and does not fall.

5. Put figures in the fridge. If you are going to store your cake in the fridge, remove the figure first. Fondant suffers from temperature and humidity. If you put it in the fridge without proper protection, the figure will become sticky. That is why it is better to protect your cake well and leave the figure out.

Do you already avoid these 5 mistakes when modelling fondant toppers? I hope so! If you have questions, write me a comment!

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