How to store fondant decorations overnight como dejar secar figuras de fondant

How to store fondant decorations overnight

How to store fondant decorations overnight como dejar secar figuras de fondant

If you want to know how to store fondant decorations overnight, you have come to the right place. Today I am going to give you a few tips so that you can put them into practice.

When we make a fondant figure, I always recommend using a dummy to assemble it. This dummy will help us not to stick it to the surface and will also help us to prick the skewer that will act as the backbone of our figure.

These two elements are essential when making fondant figures.

When I finish making a fondant figure, or while I let some pieces dry, I always leave the figure on the dummy. If we keep moving it around, it is possible that: a piece falls off, we leave fingerprints… in conclusion, the figure suffers.

The best place to dry off is on a dummy. But, we must protect it from some factors. Think that it is an element that can be edible or that will be in contact with edible. So protect your figure from:

  • Dust: it is always in the air, no matter how clean it is. And it is inevitable, but it will fall on your figure.
  • Bugs: in summer I have appreciated that flies come to the figures. So it’s convenient.
  • Germs: it is normal when speaking to expel saliva even if we do not see it or even if we have colds, we can contaminate it.
  • Sun: avoid the sun so that it does not lose color.
Homemade fondant hardener reciper endurecedor de fondant casero

All these cares are very similar to the same ones that we follow to make fondant decorations in advance or when we keep an already finished figure.

How to store fondant decorations overnight

If you already know that it will take a few days until your figure decorate the cake, it is better that we protect it. How? Or covering it with cling film, in a box or in a cupboard. Those places where it is protected and cannot be contaminated with any of the elements that we have said previously.

My recommendation is that you try different options to see which one works best for you and value for yourself. I hope these tips have been helpful for you to know how to store  fondant decorations overnight and see you in the next post.

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