Can I use expired fondant?

Surely you have ever had left over fondant or sugar paste after making a cake and when you wanted to use it again, it had already expired.

Expired fondant, can it be used? That is the question we solve today.

It is true that fondant is a sugar paste, and it is true that sugar does not have an expiration date. So we could think that it is possible to use it. But we must remember that  fondant has more ingredients, and although some are preservatives, but that does not make its life infinite.

Whether you buy fondant, or if you make it at home, fondant has a best-before date. It is very possible that to taste, it does not vary much since it is sugar in its greatest quantity.

Here you can see how to store fondant so that it lasts as long as possible.


But … is it advisable to use it?

The truth is that this expiration date has a reason. So it is convenient not to continue using it. Personally, I would not use it. In addition, its properties are going to be diminished. Some of those changes that you are going to experience are:

  • Hardness: it will lose all moisture and dry out, making it almost impossible to work with.
  • Flexibility: when it dries, it makes it not very malleable, so trying to shape it will be a great battle. Even cover a cake will be tricky. It is possible that it will crack without letting us finish the entire process.
  • Dryness: due to the lack of humidity, sugar balls appear that when modeling or stretching it are very annoying.

In short: if we add up all these changes that you experience, we may not get the level of finish we are used to. But, sometimes, althought it is not expired, it changes because it dries.

My recommendation is that although the flavor is not affected, do not risk it and discard it. It is not worth fighting with a hard piece being able to work faster with a new piece of fondant.

In this video you can check out my opinion

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