best sponge cake for fondant icing

Best sponge cake recipe for fondant icing

There are many false beliefs about which is the best sponge cake for fondant icing, but today we are going to deny one of them.

Do you want to make your first fondant cake?
Don’t you know which cake is better?


There is a false belief that a fondant cake needs a dense and dry cake to support the weight of the fondant. Where did that myth come from? I do not know. But the key is not the cake.



The key to supporting the weight of the fondant is the coating. That is, the ganache or buttercream that you use is the one that must support the weight, thanks to the ingredients.

best sponge cake for fondant icing

So today, I want to share this recipe, for me the best sponge cake for fondant icing. It’s like the one our grandmothers used to do. Very simple but yummy. This is a four-quarter cake.

That is, it has 4 equal parts. And let me tell you, it goes perfectly with any flavor: chocolate, pistachio, dulce de leche, strawberry, lemon, cheese …

Well, I don’t entertain you and let’s go to the recipe!

best sponge cake for fondant icing

For a 15 cm mold, you will need these ingredients:

-4 eggs (each egg weighs 32 gr)
-240gr of sunflower oil
-240 gr sugar
-240 gr of flour
-1 teaspoon of vanilla
-1 teaspoon of yeast or baking powder


And now we go with the PREPARATION:

Preheat the oven to 180º.
First, mix the eggs with the sugar until they are well combined. Then add the vanilla and oil. Then, sift the flour with the yeast and add little by little while beating at low speed.

When the dough is ready, take it to the mold and bake with heat up and down. Usually it is in the oven for about 40 minutes, or until the stick comes out clean.

This recipe is very simple, but surely you like it and it reminds you of your childhood. Do not be fooled, a fondant cake does not need a thick cake, but a juicy and soft cake.

Have you tried this recipe on fondant cakes? Which is your favorite?

I leave you the option in video as always:

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