Can I make fondant decorations in advance?

Can I make fondant decorations in advance?

On numerous occasions I have told you how important it is for me to work in advance. It provides you with greater peace of mind since you avoid last minute problems and stress. So can I make a fondant decorations in advance?


The answer is yes. But how long before can I make a fondant figure? Interesting question. And it raises another question: Are the decorations going to be eaten?

Let’s solve it!

Can I make fondant decorations in advance?

If you know the decorations are not going to be eaten, you can make them as long in advance as you like. Figures last for years without being damaged. 

But if the answer is yes, don’t make them too far in advance, since the longer that passes, the harder they will be. Still, you can make them several days in advance and keep them

Take note, because I leave you several tips to preserve them, whether they are to be eaten or not.

Can I make fondant decorations in advance?

Useful tips!

  • Avoid direct sunlight so they don’t lose colour and dry out.
  • Keep them from dust: if figures are dry, you can wrap them with plastic wrap.

And if they are not dry, they must be somewhat soft to be able to eat them, this is what I do:

I place the pieces (if they are flat) on a cling film-wrapped dummy or a cooking tray. And I cover them with more cling film on top so that they don’t get dust and prevent them from hardening.

You can watch this video to know the most important things

This method is the one I always follow, whether the decorations are going to be eaten or not, you just have to take into account the delivery date. 

I hope I have resolved your doubts, and if not, write me a comment below.

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