6 tips to get started with figure modelling

If you have not been working with fondant for a short time or have not yet started, you are interested in reading this article. I’m going to give you 6 tips to get started with figure modelling!

A few years ago I started working with it and I want to help you make your path easier than mine was. Take a pen and paper and let’s go with the tips:

You can also watch a short version in this video

1. Choose the brand or recipe of fondant that suits you

There are many types of fondant and we cannot say which is the perfect one. Does not exist. You have to try different brands or recipes to be able to know which is the one that best suits your needs, such as: humidity, temperature, elasticity. Each recipe is a world. Some are more elastic, others dry earlier, others have a wider range of colors … Try and compare! Here is mine.


2. Be patient

If you make a figure and do not wait for it to dry, the pieces are likely to sink and deform, so the result will not be what you expected. That is why I recommend that you learn to be patient and respect drying times. This will make the results much better. Here you can read about how to dry fondant figures fast.

3. Practice 

Like everything in this life, you need to practice. And the more you do it, the better! It will help you lose your fear, gain ease, reduce times … It is not magic. But you will improve. Training can also help you achieve better results and learn new techniques.


4. Invest in the most basic tools 

It seems silly, but poor-quality tools, bought from cheap bazaars, are not the best option. The finishes of these tools are worse, since they are not specialists in the field. They only copy products. So if you can, invest in at least the most basic tools and it will help you achieve better results.

5. Don’t use so much glue

It does not matter if you work with water or glue to stick your pieces. But, whatever you use, be careful. Both leave stains. That is why it is better to always use a small amount and clean up the excess. Here are two articles: how to stick fondant and my glue recipe.

6. Work ahead

If you can, always prepare your figure with time to spare. I know from my own experience that misfortunes happen at the last minute: a piece breaks, an arm falls off, something doesn’t fit … and we run out of time. If you can, always work in advance and save yourself those moments of stress. Read my article here, can I make decorations in advance?

Did you like these 6 tips to get started with figure modelling? I hope so! If you have questions, write me a comment!

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