How and when colour fondant

How and when to colour fondant

Today’s post is ‘how and when to colour fondant’ that you may not know. You may know how to colour fondant, but …

do you know when it is better to do it? 

It is possible to buy fondant or modeling paste already dyed and save the time and effort required to do it.

But sometimes it is not possible to find the desired colour or we need such a small quantity that it is not worth investing in that colour.

How and when colour fondant
How and when to colour fondant

What food colourings do I use?

Personally, I like to use different colours and tones and create my own mixtures.

The food colourings that I usually use are the paste ones, since they provide very little moisture and that is a point in our favor. In addition, with a very small amount we can obtain an intense colour or dye a lot of sugar paste, so it is again another point in our favor. My favourite one is Sugarflair.

como y cuando teñir fondant How and when colour fondant
How to colour fondant

To do it, it is best to take a slightly larger amount than what we are going to use. That is, if we need 100 gr, dye 120gr instead. In this way, if we need something else, we will have the mixture already made, given that it may be difficult to obtain the same tone again.

Once you have the fondant prepared, use one or two drops if it is in a tube or insert a toothpick and take a small portion.

TIP: try not to mix a used toothpick in another colour or you will spoil the food coloring.

Next, start to knead the sugarpaste, so that the colour is inside. Make sure that no traces of food coloring remain. If it is a clear colour, you can add more, but first read what I have to tell you.

When to colour fondant

It is important to do it hours before or the day before its use. Why? Because the coloring will add moisture to the fondant, so it will become chewy (preventing us from working), and also, the tone obtained will be altered.

Sometimes imperceptibly, the color rises in tone, it becomes more intense. So it is better to let it rest for a while and then add more if necessary before rushing. (You can see how to store fondant here)



What colours to dye and which ones to buy?

There is a wide variety of brands and colours on the market. But, not all of them are going to provide us with the desired intensity. 

I mean, I can dye fondant red, but it is very laborious to get a deep red. Always, or almost always, we will obtain a color several shades below. This can be quite frustrating, and even expensive. Generally, we add more food coluoring to intensify the colour, which means wasting half a product. 

In my case, I have decided to stop dyeing some colours and buy them ready-made. Above all, those that require a greater amount of pigment, such as: red, dark blue, black … I prefer to buy them in large or small format, and save time and strenght.

As I always tell you, the experience will be the one that makes you improve in the processes and know when you have to dye, when you should add more or buy it.

I hope I have solved your doubts as far as possible. If you have any questions, leave me a comment.

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