3 tips vender figuras fondant sell fondant

3 tips to sell fondant toppers

Today I want to talk to you from my own experience. I wish someone had given me these 3 tips to sell fondant toppers.

Years ago, when I was making figures for customers, I didn’t know how to price.

There was no order or a set price. It was chaos. And sometimes I charged little for something that took me sleepless nights. Sometimes I charged a lot for something that it did not deserve it, and I loose the customer.

So I was always undercharging.


3 tips vender figuras fondant sell fondant

As always I share a video with the most important thing

Clients controlled everything: from the price, to my state of mind. And all, for fear of not selling!

That is why today I want to help you, and avoid those problems that I suffered. Don’t let them frustrate you, when in reality you are doing what you are passionate about.

Avoid badly paid work, you must value your time and effort. Time is also worth money.

Let’s go with the 3 tips to sell fondant toppers:

1º Create a price table to charge easier and faster

If you make a good table, you will always charge the same and you will avoid comments like: “You have charged him less …”

You can classify the models by difficulty or by styles. It is not the same to make some animals than a human figure in a realistic style.

2º Evaluate the difficulty of the topper before charging it

If it is very difficult, charge it, since it will take you many more hours and effort to make it. In the end, it translates into money. Know how long it takes you to make different types of toppers.

difficulty = time = money

Your client doesn’t care if you don’t sleep, he just wants his figure.

3rd Reject those jobs that you know are out of your reach

It is better to be honest with the customer than to lose him due to a poor service.

If you know that the result is not going to be what you want, delegate the work to someone else. It is better to delegate than to earn a bad reputation.

In my case, I always rejected realistic modelling, as it is not my style.

Have you ever accepted a commission and later regretted it?

I do. And it’s very, very frustrating.


That is why I recommend:

  • Set the limits of your business.
  • Only you have control and make decisions.
  • It is better to lose clients than to lose your health (not sleep, pissed off …).

And I’m talking to you from the point of view of fondant figures, but it is applicable to any field: cookies, cakes, cupcakes, etc.

In short, good planning and being clear about our limits are the key to putting a price on my figures and not getting frustrated.


If you like these 3 tips to sell fondant toppers, leave me in the comments if you want more info about it.

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