zebra tutorial

Zebra tutorial

zebra tutorial

Here you have this ‘zebra tutorial’. Let’s do it!

tutorial conejo fondant Zebra tutorial

Let’s start with the body…

 You need a 15 gr white fondant ball. Move it back and forth at one end using your hand. You should get a cone but no tip.

Then place the widest part on the table and flatten it with short turns. Remember that you can watch the video below to guide you.

To make the head

you need 40 gr. Roll out a ball and flatten it gently with your palm. Until you get the oval shape that you see on the image.

Use the small ball tool to make two indentations for the eye sockets. But don’t press too hard.

Then fill the eye sockets with two black balls. You can paint two little white dots for the shine of the look or cut out two very thin fondant dots.

tutorial vaca de fondant

Zebra video tutorial

cebra fondant tutorial Zebra tutorial

Then, stretch black fondant very thin and cut a circle using a cutter. Cut it in half. Try not to make it too big, just to cover the part of the nose and mouth. Stick it at the bottom.Mark two indentations for the nostrils with the small ball tool.

It is the turn of the ears. Roll out thin white fondant and use a circular cutter to cut out two pieces. Pinch at one end and do the same on the opposite side.

Make two indentations on both sides of the head using the small ball tool, and insert one of the tips of the ears. You can press to stick it better.


To complete the face, make several black tears and stick them to the top. It is the zebra’s crest. Finally, cut very thin stripes and stick them to the sides to simulate the fur of our zebra.

zebra tutorial

To make the legs

fondant cow tutorial Zebra tutorial

you will need black and white fondant. Make four white balls, one gram each. With your finger, form four teardrops. Flatten the widest part on the table.

Then take four very small black balls. Flatten them with your finger and stick them.

Make sure the hoof and leg are the same size. And with this, you are done. You can add a white tear for the tail and of course, don´t forget the stripes.

If you need help with assembly

watch the video and let me know if you have any doubt in the comments section below. Remember to subscribe to my youtube channel and leave a like for more videos!

I hope you enjoyed this zebra tutorial!

Zebra video tutorial

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