Fondant Polar Bear

fondant polar bear tutorial oso polar
fondant polar bear tutorial oso polar

Learn how to make this fondant polar bear step-by-step

It is so easy to make this cute polar bear cake topper, you can follow the video or the photos. Let’s start!


First the body…

Take 15 grams for the body. Place your hand at an angle and move it back and forth. When you have it, place it on the table and make short turns to flatten the widest part on the table.

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fondant polar bear tutorial oso polar

Once the body is ready, let it rest on a dummy.


To make the head shape…


Make a 40 gram ball. Flatten it gently with your palm and use the small ball tool to make two indentations for the eyes.

Now for the face…

Fill them with a black ball. It should fit. If you want, you can draw the bright of the eyes with a white marker or glue two white fondant dots.


After that, to make the ears of this fondant polar bear you will need a small ball (1 gram for instance). Flatten it with your finger. 

Then, use the small ball tool or the bone tool to make an indentation in the middle. And finally, cut it in half. The ears are ready!


Time to complete the face of this cute fondant polar bear!

Stick them on the sides of the head.

Now, for the mouth take one gram of white fondant. Roll a ball and flatten it with your finger. Stick it between the eyes.

As for the nose, you need a small black black and form a triangle shape. Look at the video to know how to make it.

And finally, stick it on top! I almost forgot, you can apply some blush to the cheeks.

For the legs…

roll two balls of 2 grams each. Place your finger at angle and move it back and forth to get two teardrop shapes.


And that’s it!

Stick them to the body!

You have already finished your fondant polar bear cake topper!

Let me know if you have any doubt!


fondant polar bear tutorial oso polar

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