Baby panda tutorial

Baby panda tutorial

Baby panda tutorial

Check this fondant baby panda tutorial and learn how to make it from scratch. Follow the step by step and check the video at the end of this post.


Let’s start..!

Take a 15g ball and move back and forth to make an elongated shape.

Press it lightly and place it on the dummy.

Insert a skewer on a rotary motion. Make sure the skewer reaches the bottom of the dummy.

Baby panda tutorial

Here you can see the video with the step by step. Let me know if you have any doubt and subscribe to my chanel for more…

Baby panda tutorial

To make the arms…

Take 2 grams of black fondant and make a sausage. Cut it as you see on the picture. Stick one piece to each side of the body. They will be panda’s legs.

Then, make another 8 gr sausage for the arms and place it on the upper part of the body.

And finally,…

To make the head, you need 29 gr. Make an elongated shape and press it gently with your hand.

Baby panda tutorial

Stick a very small black ball to make the nose. Next, roll out  black fondant very thin and cut out two circles of the same size. Place them on each side of the nose. 



Next, roll out fondant to about 3 mm thick and cut two smaller circles. Cut a small portion of each.


Stick the pieces to the sides of the head, they will be the ears.

Baby panda tutorial
Baby panda tutorial

Make a very thin sausage for the mouth, stick it under the nose. With a tool you can arch it, so that it smiles.





  After that, apply pink powder colouring to add blush.

Finally, cut out two small white dots with a small piping nozzle. Number 1 or 2. Stick them on the black circles as you see on the image.

And now you can put the head on the body. And this is the last step of this baby panda tutorial.


Baby panda tutorial

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