Fondant seal cake topper

fondant seal cake topper foca
fondant seal cake topper foca

Learn how to make this cute fondant seal cake topper!

You can follow the photo tutorial or the video to make this fondant seal cake topper


Let’s start making the body…

First, take 17 grams. Place your hand at an angle and move it back and forth to get a teardrop shape.

When it is ready, place your finger almost at the end and make an indentation to make a thinner tail. Look at the video for more details.

Cut it in half and add some lines.

fondant seal cake topper foca

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fondant seal cake topper foca

It’s time for the legs of this cute fondant seal cake topper…

roll 2 balls of the same size. In this case, I will use a gram for each.

Make a cone shape and remember: make sure they are all the same shape and length.

Now the head…

You need to roll a 20 gram ball. Then, use the small ball tool to make two indentations for the eyes. Fill them with two black balls.

Now, for the mouth take one gram of white fondant. Roll a ball and flatten it with your finger. Stick it between the eyes.

As for the nose, you need a small black black and form a pill shape. Finally, stick it on top!

Finally, put all the pieces together!

Stick the legs and the head as it is shown on the video above!

fondant seal cake topper foca

In this case, I have two tutorials of how to make a fondat seal cake topper on my channel

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