reindeer reno


reindeer reno

Here is another tutorial to do at Christmas and decorate all your sweet creations with this fondant reindeer. Here you can see the first Christmas tutorial.


For the body, take 15 grams for the body and make a tear with the ball.

Then, place it on the widest part. Tap the top with your finger and insert a skewer. You can place it on a dummy.

Take a 26g ball for the head and flatten it slightly.

Take a one gram ball and flatten it with your finger.

reindeer reno
reindeer reno fondant

Now, stick the white piece and with the ball tool make two indentations for the eyes. Attach it to the body, remember to introduce a skewer first.

Now, fill the sockets with two black balls and add a half gram red ball for the nose.

Make 2 tears and stick them to each side of the head.

Make two white tears for the horns and with the dresden tool, push in the widest part to create a separation.

They should be as in the image. Round the edges with your fingers. Make two little tunnels and insert them.

For the legs, roll two 2-gram cones for the hind legs.

And two cones of a gram and a half for the front ones. Finally, take a gram of white for the colour. You can draw lines with the tool.

You can check out the video of this fondant reindeer cake topper.

Hope you like this fondant figurine! Remember, if you have any doubt, let me know in comments below.

reno reindeer

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