Cupcakes Navidad I

Christmas Cupcakes I

Today I bring you ‘Christmas cupcakes I’  tutorial. These Christmas cupcakes are very quick and easy to make with fondant. Give it a try and tell me!

To make it easier for you, I have made some very short videos where they are explained step by step.

Cupcakes Navidad I
Christmas cupcakes I

You will need fondant of the colour you want and white or gold food coloring to paint. In my case I have used white powder colouring mixed with vodka. As for the brush, I recommend you to use a fine and smooth one.

Active the subtitles on the settings menu to watch it in English.

Option one: 

In this case you will also need a cutter in the shape you want. Make several marks all over the cupcake and then paint them over. 


Option two: 

In this one, I have decided to make curved lines, and dots. To make it look nicer, I have made an inverted symmetry. Watch the video to see how I do it.

TIP: if you are not very good at painting with a brush, you can practice the pattern you want to make on a paper with a pencil.


And option three: 

In this one, I have decided to make a more basic pattern. Two parallel lines and some diagonal lines inside, but you can change the drawing for another that you like more.

As you see, they are very easy to make and it is the most practical way to lose your fear of the brush. Remember to subscribe to the channel to see more tutorials and tips. Or enter the academy where you can see many more.

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