Whipped cream frosting and fondant decorations Se puede usar chantilly y fondant

Whipped cream frosting and fondant decorations

Whipped cream frosting and fondant decorations Se puede usar chantilly y fondant

If your client asks for whipped cream frosting and fondant decorations, read this post to avoid these mistakes. 

Either you don’t like buttercream or maybe you’re a big fan of whipped cream. And that’s no problem.

The problem comes when we don’t know what we should take into account when mixing  whipped cream frosting and fondant decorations.

Vegetable cream, which is what I know and have tried, is a bad companion to fondant. Why? Because it transmits all its moisture and makes fondant fade.

But we can still work with it.

Before giving you some advice, I would like you to work first with your whipped cream frosting and find out if the same thing happens with it, since it is possible that not all brands respond the same to fondant.

How can you mix whipped cream frosting and fondant decorations?

There are a couple of options to mix these two ingredients and not die trying.

The first option, and perhaps the one I recommend, is to use a bit chocolate or chocolate ganache to act as glue and waterproof layer at the same time.

Whether you are going to put a fondant figure on your cake or cupcake or whether you are going to cover a whipped cream cake, I recommend using this option. So that they don’t come into contact and in this way, you can avoid last minute surprises such as: melted fondant, cream dyed…


Lying bear fondant cake topper oso tumbado de fondant

The second option, and which is perhaps more risky, but which you can try on your own if you want to follow it or not, is super refrigeration.

The idea is to get a whipped cream very very cold. When it is very cold, vegetable cream works like buttercream: it doesn’t usually stain, it stays hard. So you could put fondant on top of the whipped cream. But what happens when the cream comes out of the fridge?

When the dessert loses temperature, the cream and fondant will release moisture and the risk may be worse. The “spell” will pass and everything will return to normal. So perhaps this is a slightly more dangerous option.

I hope these tips have been helpful for you to know how to mix whipped cream and fondant. And please don’t hesitate to write to me if you’ve made further inquiries.

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