tutorial conejo fondant Tutorial conejo
tutorial conejo fondant Tutorial conejo

This rabbit tutorial was one of your favorites on Instagram and Pinterest so let’s get to it!

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First the body…

Take 15 grams for the body. Place your hand at an angle and move it back and forth. When you have it, place it on the table and make short turns to flatten the widest part on the table.

tutorial conejo fondant Zebra tutorial

To make the head shape…

fondant rabbit tutorial Tutorial conejo

Make a 40 gram ball. Flatten it gently with your palm and push on the sides with your fingers to get a triangular shape.

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Now for the face…

tutorial conejo fondant

Use the ball tool to make two indentations for the eyes.

Fill them with a white ball. It should fit. Make another indentation with the small ball tool and fit a black ball for the pupil. Draw the bright of the eyes with a white marker or glue two white fondant dots.

After that, take two small balls and flaten then. Stick them under the eyes, and stick a pink ball for the nose.

For the lower legs…

Make two oval shapes of three grams each. Flatten the widest part with your finger. With the tool draw two lines for the fingers.

For the upper legs, make two tears. Each one of a gram.

fondant rabbit tutorial Tutorial conejo

Time for those cute ears!

fondant rabbit tutorial Tutorial conejo

Stretch  white fondant very thin. Cut two shapes like the ones you see on the image.

Then repeat the process with the skin tone or pink colour. This time they should be smaller.

Finally, stick them on the white pieces.

Time to put it together

To assembly, first insert the body on a skewer and stick the head on top. Then, stick the legs as you like. And the ears on the sides of the head, so that they fall on both sides of the rabbit.

See on the video the complete rabbit tutorial and how to assemble the figure. Hope you liked it!

tutorial conejo fondant Tutorial conejo

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