Giraffe tutorial

Check out this fondant giraffe tutorial and learn how to make a simple animal body that works for any animal you can think of.

In this tutorial, I teach you how to make this base body, you will only have to modify the colour of the skin and details of the face.


Let’s start making the body…

form a pear or cone shape.

tutorial jirafa fondant
tutorial jirafa fondant

Flatten the widest part on the surface with short turns.

Place it on a dummy and insert a skewer on a rotary motion.

fondant giraffe tutorial

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fondant giraffe tutorial

Now it is time for the legs…

roll four balls of the same size. You know, if they have the same amount, the better. Greater symmetry.

Roll a cone shape. Make sure they are all the same shape and length.

Don’t forget the hooves…

 depending on the animal, you can make four very small black balls.

Gently flatten them with your fingers and place them at the end of the legs. Make sure they fit. That is, they are no bigger than the legs. You can mark fingers, add nails …

For the tail: you can make a small sausage with a tappering end. The shape and size are up to you, or rather, by the animal.

fondant giraffe tutorial
fondant giraffe tutorial

Now the head…

 it is best to make a pear shape smaller than the body. And in it you place eyes, mouth and ears.

And that’s it, you have the basis to make any animal easily.

Some details…

In this case, I add the spots. To make them, stick balls of different sizes on the body, and with the dresden tool, stretch them, in order to get an irregular shape.


Check out the tutorial on youtube and subscribe for more…

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