don't put fondant in microwave no metas fondant al microondas

Don't put fondant in microwave

don't put fondant in microwave no metas fondant al microondas

When you read this post, you will understand why I say “don’t put fondant in microwave”.

Normally, we use the microwave to soften fondant whenever it is hard. Here I tell you how to soften dry fondant.

And well, it is a practice that works to a certain extent. But as time goes by, you realize that it is abused. And although it seems like a friend who helps us and makes our work easier, in reality, sometimes it does us a disservice.

I’ll start at the beginning. You must know what fondant is and how it works.

Fondant is an elastic dough made from sugar that has moisture inside. That humidity is what makes it malleable and we can stretch it, model it, etc. When the fondant dries it is because it loses that moisture that is inside.

But Bea, then why do you say: don’t put fondant in the microwave.

When we put the fondant in the microwave, what we are doing is drying it. We’re removing that moisture from the inside.
Although at first it gives us the feeling that we are recovering it (when it is dry), in reality, it is false. It only lasts a few minutes.

When it cools down, it returns to its previous state, even getting harder. Why? Because we have removed some more of that moisture.


Sometimes we even use it when the fondant is freshly opened, because we are not able to knead it, because it is hard and difficult to handle. But we are also subtracting moisture.

That is why it is preferable to avoid it as much as possible and try to use other methods and if you use it, try not to abuse it.


If, for example, you have a hard time kneading it, in this post you can read some tips to warm your hands instead of fondant and you will be able to add heat to it. Thanks to that heat, you will get it to soften, which in the end is what the microwave does.

I hope these tips are useful to you and you already know why I say don’t put fondant in the microwave.

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