Santa’s helper

Santa's helper
Santa's helper

Learn how to make this easy and cute fondant Santa’s helper. You can follow the step by step and the pictures to make it easily.

Santa's helper

First of all, take a 26g ball for the head, roll out a ball and flatten it slightly.

Stick a tiny nose pill in the center. And make two indentations on the sides for the eyes. Fill them with two black balls. They must fit.

Take 12 grams for the hat and make a tear.

Take the bulb-shaped tool or a rolling pin and make a cavity inside.

Santa's helper

It should look like this. Check what works for your elf. Stick it.

After that, make small tears and stick them to the front of the hat, in the forehead. They will be the hair.

As you can see on the image, I added some dots under the eyes. You can make them with an edible marker or with a brush and your favourite colouring. But, they are optional. You can also blush the cheeks with powder colouring and a brush.


Take 15 grams for the body and make a tear with the ball.

Place it over the widest part and tap at the top.

Make two 1 or 2 gram leg tears, depending on how long you want them to be.

Finally, make two one-gram cones for the arms and a ball for the hand.

Santa's helper
Santa's helper

Make two 1.5 g tears for the feet. Bend the tip up. And attach them to the legs.

Roll out fondant and cut a square for the buckle.

Hope you enjoy this easy Santa’s helper tutorial.

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