Rey Mago wise man

Wise Man

Rey Mago wise man

In today’s tutorial you will learn how to make a Wise Man very easy and cute. It is perfect to decorate your Christmas cupcakes or cakes these season. Let’s start.

Wise man

First, take 15 grams for the body and make a tear with the ball. Place it on the widest part, flatten it with small twists and tap at the top.

Take a 26g ball for the head and flatten it slightly. Stick a small nose pill in the center. And make two indentations on the sides for the eyes.

Rey Mago wise man
Rey Mago wise man

Insert it on the skewer when both pieces are firm.

After, make two one-gram cones for the arms and stick a ball for the hand. Stick them to both sides of the body and with the tool make the lines of the suit. 

Take two grams for the beard. Make a tear and flip it over, and repeat the process for the other end. It should look like this. Now, stick it on the face as a beard. Make sure it fits.


Cut a thin circle for the hair and stick it on. 

Cut a half circle for the hair in the front. Stick it where the other circle ends.

Draw lines with the tool all over the hair.

Rey Mago wise man
Rey Mago wise man

Finally, cut a thick, not very long strip and cut some triangles on one side. Paint it with gold food coloring.

And, stick it on the head as you like the most.


Let me know your doubts in comments and hope you like this fondant wise man topper!

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