fondant cow tutorial Tutorial vaca de fondant

Fondant Cow tutorial

fondant cow tutorial Tutorial vaca de fondant

Enjoy this fondant cow tutorial and learn how to make a very simple fondant animal for your farm cakes.


Take 15 grams for the body. Place your hand at an angle and move it back and forth over the ball. When you are done, place it on the table andflatten the widest part on the table with short turns.

tutorial conejo fondant Zebra tutorial
tutorial vaca fondant

Stretch pink fondant very thin and cut out a circle for the belly. 

To make the head, roll a 40 gram ball. Gently flatten it with your palm. Use the ball tool to make two indentations for the eyes.

Fill them with a little black ball that fits. And draw the brightness of the look with a marker. You can also stick a white fondant dot.

tutorial vaca fondant
fondant cow tutorial Fondant cow tutorial

Take 3 grams of pink fondant and make a pill. Make the nostrils with the small ball tool. Before sticking it, add a little sausage to the bottom like the one you see.

Stretch white fondant very thin and cut out two circles. Take them and pinch at one end to get the ears.

Stick them to both sides of the head.

For the horns, make two  small cones and place them over the ears.

tutorial vaca fondant Fondant cow tutorial
fondant cow tutorial Zebra tutorial

Make four cones of one gram each for the legs. Next, take four very small black balls and flatten them with your finger.

Then stick them to the legs so that they fit. That is, they have the same size.

And finally, put the pieces together. To see the assembly, visit the video below. You can also watch the complete fondant cow tutorial on the video.

fondant cow tutorial Tutorial vaca de fondant

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