fondant dog tutorial

Dog tutorial

fondant dog tutorial

Follow this dog tutorial and surprise everyone! You can follow the step by step or check the video at the end of this post. 

Now for the body…

Take 15 grams . Place your hand at an angle and move it back and forth. When you have it, place it on the table and make short turns to flatten the widest part on the table.

tutorial conejo fondant Dog tutorial Tutorial vaca de fondant
tutorial conejo fondant Dog tutorial

Now, let’s make the head…

roll a 40 gram ball. Flatten it gently with your palm and push on the sides with your fingers to get a triangular shape. Use the ball tool to make two indentations for the eyes.

Fill them with a white ball. It should fit. Make another indentation with the small ball tool and fit a black ball for the pupil.

Check the step by step of this dog tutorial and how to assemble the figure on the video…

Draw the bright of the eyes with a white marker or glue two white fondant dots.

fondant rabbit tutorial
fondant dog tutorial

Take one gram to make the snout. Make a ball and flatten it  with small touches. Place it on the lower face and stick a black pill on top for the nose.

Add the eyebrows, make two little sausages.

For the ears, take two balls of a gram and a half each. Make two oval shapes and flatten them with the palm of your hand. Bend and stickthem to each side of the head.

Take one and a half gram ball. The colour is up to you. Place it on the table and make an indentation using the large ball tool.

fondant dog tutorial
tutorial perro fondant Dog tutorial

So cute these legs…

Make four balls of one gram each. Roll four tears of the same size. Mark a line at the widest part with the tool and bend slightly upwards. Finally, draw the lines on the legs.

And you will only have to join the pieces on the dummy.

First, insert the body on a skewer and stick the head on top. Then, stick the legs as you like.

Hope you liked it!

fondant dog tutorial

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