Lying bear fondant topper

Lying bear fondant cake topper oso tumbado de fondant
Lying bear fondant cake topper oso tumbado de fondant

Learn how to make this lying bear fondant cake topper with this tutorial!

Make this lying bear fondant cake topper and share your results with me on Instagram!


Let’s start making the body…

First, take 10 grams to make it. Place your hand at an angle and move it back and forth to form a pear or cone shape.

Flatten the widest part on the table with short turns.

Then, for the legs, take 4 balls of 1 gram each and make four teardrop shapes.


Teddy bear tutorial tutorial osito pescando fondant Tutorial osito de peluche​
Tutorial osito de peluche​ fondant teddy bear tutorial osito pescando

Now, for the head…

First, take 24 grams to make it. Flatten it slightly and shape the head pushing on the sides of the head to form a triangle shape.

After, for the mouth take a gram, flatten it and stick it.

Then, for the eye sockets make 2 indentations. Add two black balls for the eyes.

As for the ears, take a ball, stick it to the head and use the small ball tool to push in and to stick it.

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And finally, the assemble…

Don’t worry! It’s very easy.

Place the body as you see on the dummy. 

Then, add the head to the body and finally stick al the legs. 

If it is difficult for you, look the video above to know how to make it.

Lying bear fondant cake topper oso tumbado de fondant

Hope you like this bee fondant cake topper tutorial and if you have any doubt, please write me a comment below.

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