Crab tutorial

Hope you enjoy this fondant ‘crab tutorial’ and learn how to make this easy topper. It is so simple that you can make it in less than 10 minutes.

First, make the body. You will need a 30 gr ball. Flantten it with your hand and use your fingers to move the paste and get the shape you see on the image. 

Use the dresden tool to draw a curved line for the mouth in the upper part.

For the eyes, roll out 2 balls for the eyes. 1,5 gr each one. Flatten them with your finger, and then, use the ball or bone tool to make an indentation on each. Fill them with a black ball. And finally, paint a white dot on the pupil.

To make the legs, roll 6 balls of 0,5 gr each. Use your hand to turn them into tear shapes. 

Lastly, roll out two 1-gr ball for the claws. After that, flatten them with short touches and use the scalpel to make a cut and separate the sugar paste.

Assemble the fondant topper watching this video. You can also check the whole step by step of this crab tutorial on this video. Remember to subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more.

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