How to use the templates?

Download the templates in the first step of each tutorial. Use the DOWNLOAD button and it should download to your device.

Print them if possible to be able to work (scale 1:1) If you change the size of the templates, the quantities indicated in the tutorials will not work for you.

To use the templates, follow the step-by-step of the tutorial you’re viewing, then place the shape on top of the template and view it from above (like in the image). Follow the instructions in the video to use it.

Remember to apply a little icing sugar or cornstarch on the template if your fondant is sticky or if you notice that it sticks to the paper.


Some courses are older and although they have templates, templates are not shown how to use them (I am updating all those courses and there are very few). But in this video I show you how to use them in case you have any questions.