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How does the Academy work?

In the Academy there are 6 levels and the business module.

  • First level: basic knowledge that you should know before starting.
  • Second level: easy level tutorials
  • Third level: intermediate level tutorials
  • Fourth level: difficult level tutorials
  • Fifth level: cake tutorials and techniques
  • Sixth level: Ornaments and other types of figures
  • Business module: tutorials and templates to help you grow and save time in your business.

How to use the Academy?

There are two options:

  1. If you have never made toppers or have very little experience, start with the first level to learn the necessary knowledge and then go to the second level, do at least 5 tutorials, to be able to go to the third level, and so on. Levels 5, 6 and business you can do freely. You will not need to have prior knowledge.
  2. If you already know how to make toppers or have some experience, and you are looking for a specific tutorial, use the CATEGORIES button to be able to sort the tutorials by theme: humans, characters, basic courses, animals…

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