Modelling faces

How to make a symmetrical face?

To make a symmetrical face, the best is to draw imaginary lines and always take the nose as a reference. You have more information in the basic dossier.

Make eyes or smile using the template

In case you do not have a cutter or want to make a smile or eye using the template, you can do it like this.

How to make eyes?

If eyes are completely black, you can make them with black fondant or even use sugar pearls of the thickness you choose.
Eye musn´t come out from the eye socket and cut the iris and pupil very thin.

How much fondant do I need for the eyes?

It will depend on how deep and big you have made the eye sockets. It’s about testing and rectifying.

Powder colouring for blush

To blush, I use pink food coloring. I mix it with cornstarch in order to make it lighter.