Can you imagine a TV platform but about fondant?

Well that’s my Academy!

A platform where you can enjoy more than 120 step by step video tutorials with templates to learn from home at your own pace.

What do you get by joining us?

😁Inmediate access to all the content

📺 Access to more than 120 step-by-step videotutorials 

🖨Templates to make learning easier

🎓Tutorials for all cake decorators, no matter what experience you have

📋 Doubt resolution in each tutorial

✨Brand new content every month

All for €25/month. No strings attached, you can leave whenever you want

And now also Business section!

✨Guide to learn how to charge your fondant figures

✨ Photo catalogue with all the figures of the Academy to show your clients

✨Learn to handle Canva with basic knowledge

✨Editable templates in Canva to save you time: allergen stickers, order sheets, thank you cards, cake care cards…

Why pay more when you can pay less?

🤔Imagine how much it would cost to pay more than 120 online courses

💰More than €900 of content for only €25/month

Join the 500+ Students around the world that are happy to learn with me

I'm hooked on you 😍😍 thanks! with you everything is easier!
I'm happy because I didn't think I could make something even similar! Really, you make it simple and make one lose the fear to try
😍😍😍An amazing Academy
You're an artist and above all an spectacular teacher. With your Academy I achieved to model figures that I never thought I would do.

Still some doubts?

It works like a TV platform: become a member and watch all the content 24/7 wherever you want while you are a member

There is no start date. Your access begins the day you decide to become a member. And it will end the day you do not renew the subscription.

Yes, depending on the plan you have chosen, you will be charged every month, every 3 or every 6 months to your bank account.

Of course, you can cancel it whenever you want from your account options!

Each course consists of videos with explanations and amounts in the language you are currently in and a dossier with templates

Videos can’t be downloaded. But you can download the templates. You can download 3 templates per day.

Yes, you can download 3 per day

I’ll make the toppers with you from scratch. Within the academy there is a section of basic courses for those who do not have any experience. And also the courses are classified by difficulty: from very easy to difficult.

Of course! You can go to the Academy’s section in the top menu of this site and have a deep down look at all the categories and tutorials!

Remember that you can search in Google to convert an amount in Euros to your currency. BUT! If you do not know how to do that do not hesitate and get in touch with me and I will help you with it!

Due to the nature of the product it is not possible to return the money.

Doubts yet?
Do not hesitate and get in touch with me!